Although creditor/debtor issues have no doubt existed since the beginning of time, in my experience they have been particularly prevalent since the downturn in the economy that occurred in 2008. My range of experience in this subject matter has involved representing clients on both the creditor and debtor side of the table. For example, I have represented creditor clients and lawsuits against their particular debtors in which we were able to settle matters and actually get my clients paid. In some cases, when necessary, I have successfully pursued motions for relief from stay before the bankruptcy court on behalf of my creditor clients. I have also assisted creditors in judgment-related collection efforts such as, for example, conducting a debtor’s examination. With debtor clients, I have helped them to, among other things, re-negotiate previously usurious loans, complete a short sale arrangement in lieu of foreclosure and pursue appropriate claims of exemption in response to a creditor’s efforts to levy their assets.

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