After working as an attorney for approximately six years, I decided it was time to get some more schooling. (Fortunately, I have a very patient and understanding wife.) Consequently, I enrolled at UCLA School of Law, and in 2008, I received my master of laws degree (LL.M.) in business law with a tax emphasis. Subsequently, I spent two years in San Francisco at a boutique tax firm, where I spent the majority of my time writing detailed tax opinions on issues of income characterization, and also ghost writing a book Internal Revenue Code section 468B qualified settlement funds. To this day, I believe that the section 468B qualified settlement fund is an underutilized tool that can help settling payors accelerate their deductions, and settling payees defer their income.

In the tax arena, my successes have included: (1) an IRS appeal where I helped secure a $0 liability decision from the IRS after it threatened my client with over $1 million in income tax liability; (2) a property tax appeal where I helped secure a $1.5 million reduction in assessed value from the County’s original assessment; and (3) a sales tax audit in which I successfully negotiated a near 50% reduction from the California State Board of Equalization’s initially proposed tax liability.

Ultimately, tax issues pervade almost every area of law. See, e.g., Estate Planning. I am therefore happy when I have the opportunity to offer my clients a knowledgeable perspective on relevant tax issues that may affect their bottom line.

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