Having been a litigator for years, I understand that some disputes truly can only be resolved through use of the courts – but not all disputes. Mediation is an immensely powerful and effective method of alternative dispute resolution that can – more often than you think – result in “win-win” solutions. It is for this reason that I completed the necessary training to complete the Orange County Community Service Program’s Basic Mediation Training Program (a certification that exceeds the requirements of the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act).

The reality is that litigation can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. Furthermore, the continuing budget cuts that have impacted both the California and federal court systems in recent years can often times unreasonably delay one’s day in court. Then, even when you get your day in court, you are subject to the decision of a judge or a jury. Mediation, on the other hand is voluntary, so that the parties have a vested interest in trying to reach a settlement they can both be satisfied with – because they agreed to it.

I believe I am uniquely qualified for the mediation forum. My years of litigation experience have included advocating for my clients at the mediation table. Therefore, I understand the mediation process and the legal issues and nuances that are often in play. There is also that fact that before becoming a lawyer, I worked for years as a professional jazz musician (an avocation I continue to this day). As a musician, I have honed certain skills I believe are crucial to conducting a successful mediation: active listening; and the ability to be truly creative.

I invite you to contact me to discuss whether I can act as a mediator for your dispute. Of course, I am happy to provide references upon request.